The DogSplendor Holiday Gift Guide

At this point there is no avoiding that the holidays are right around the corner. Without a doubt, many discerning dog parents will take the time to buy a present (or two or five) for the favorite furry faces on their list.

So, without further ado, I present the 2013 DogSplendor Holiday Gift Guide – with fun items for dogs and the people who love them. We’re getting this guide out early so you have plenty of time to order.  Make sure you check out the special deals for DogSplendor readers!


DS Holiday Gift Guide Cover The DogSplendor Holiday Gift Guide

Click the image above for the full holiday guide in PDF format, or open the direct link.

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Off The Leash and undeniably dog

If you’re fond of cartoons that show accurate portrayals of dogs (love you Snoopy, but I’m not talking about you), then you need to take a gander at Rupert Fawcett’s Off the Leash comics. Mr. Fawcett clearly knows how dogs think, and each cartoon is 100% undeniably dog.

off the leash fawcett Off The Leash and undeniably dogAs of last week, in addition to his wildly viral Facebook page and blog, there is a new Off the Leash book chock full of all the best work. What an awesome holiday gift for your favorite dog aficionado – or really, anyone that needs a good laugh! Also make sure you check out the Off The Leash shop, loaded with one fantastic comic after the other!

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My Dog: The Paradox – now a book!

Fans of awesome writer/illustrator Matthew Inman, otherwise known as The Oatmeal, will be familiar with his love of dogs via his comics. Last year, his comic entitled My Dog: The Paradox was circulated so widely around the internet that it got re-drawn and turned into a gift book released this week!

My Dog The Paradox Oatmeal My Dog: The Paradox   now a book!

This book is a MUST for anyone who loves dogs and has a wicked good sense of humor. It’s a combination of laugh out loud funny, and bittersweet when you stop to think about the limited life span of man’s best friend.

The book can be read in a few minutes and it will be a memorable few minutes. Then the next day you will want to read it again, and you will, and you will laugh again. How many books can you say that about?

The book is not necessarily for children, due to language, unless they are used to hearing you swear up a storm in your own home (no judgement). My Dog: The Paradox would make a great gift for any dog lover in your life.


This post has a Disclosure Level of 0. The link to purchase the book from is an Affiliate link.

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Travel with Fido? Around the US? Do it!

Ever wish you could take off and see hundreds of places around the United States? Ever wish you could bring Fido? You may say “yes” to both questions, but where to start? Now with The Ruff Guide to the Unites States, you can get the inside scoop from someone who has done just that – traveled the US – and with her pooch!

Melissa Halliburton, the founder of the popular pet-friendly travel website, has put together info on her travel with Ace, and has an awesome book raring to go, but…

Printing is expensive, and here’s where she needs a little “kickstart.

Melissa’s book is now a project that you can financially back on the social funding site, KickStarter. Visit the KickStarter page for this book and learn of the varying ways you can support this project – getting it out there for people to see!

An awesome video of some of Melissa & Ace’s travels has been put together that had me raring to donate to support this project. I hope after watching the video you feel the same!

Keep in mind that the deadline to fund this KickStarter project is December 25th.

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Texts from Dog: now a book!

05440777411 Texts from Dog: now a book!

While I still haven’t been successful at teaching my dogs to text (thank goodness?), October Jones, that randy lass from England, has gone and published a book of all the hilarious texts he gets from his dog! Based on the popular Tumblr site previously discussed here, the book Texts from Dog is chock full of new anecdotes from his talented, and usually somewhat inappropriate, texting dog.

The book is full of texting screenshots similar to the ones below, plus a few cute illustrations of October’s dog, which I believe is never named (to protect the innocent?). This book would be a great gift for anyone on your list who loves dogs and has a healthy sense of humor (those two things really need to go together anyway). 

textfromdog1 Texts from Dog: now a book!

textfromdog21 Texts from Dog: now a book!

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