Wussy dog mom confession

Often I get asked why I’m so perfect. And while immensely flattering, it isn’t true. Spoiler alert: I may have a few issues. In today’s first installment of discussing the ways my issues involve my dogs, I have a dog mom confession.

I have never (ever) intentionally taken either of my dogs for a walk in the rain.

rain dog umbrella Wussy dog mom confession

photo credit: h.koppdelaney via photopin cc

Now I know this might not seem like a big deal if I lived in Arizona or California. But I live near Seattle. As in the Seattle where it rains all the damn time.

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Moving: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Because December isn’t busy enough, my husband and I decided to buy a lovely new house this month, all while trying to fix up our old house to sell. Seemed completely logical. I, who hadn’t moved in over 8 years, forgot all the joys involved with moving. And I can’t say I’ve ever moved with dogs.

The good?

The new house is beeee-yoooo-teee-ful! I love it so hard, I still can’t believe it’s mine. And my dogs have gone from an approximately 3 foot by 7 foot unfenced yard on a busy suburban street, to 1.3 acres to roam in a rural area, with little or no traffic, and 8, yep 8, other small dogs for them to become BFFs with!

The bad?

Rural living (did I mention we now live on an island?) is a new experience for us and the dogs. Our house has no internet yet. For the love of jeebus, no internet! And with the Christmas holiday, no people that put in internets are working, or willing to sacrifice time with their families and stuff to put in my internet. So, that means, posting stuff to a blog has gone by the wayside with the exception of today when I made it to a coffee store with some sort of wi-fi, but extra slow country wi-fi.

The ugly?

Did I mention the no internet part? Also, no cable tv. In 2013, that’s not ok. In a way, the lack of both means I’m unpacking my house like an over-caffeinated ninja. It’s a good thing, technically, except I’m 43 and my back does not like when I do things like an over-caffeinated ninja. Go figure. To further the ugly, I have at least 10 more days of no internet/cable, so posting around here is going to be scarce again.

And a bonus “good” thing?

One day before I moved and blissfully had internet to browse at my leisure, I came across this diatribe on moving with dogs by Allie Brosh, who is one of the most funny illustrators/writers on the whole internet. This post – Dogs Don’t Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving – made me laugh so hard I just had to share. Enjoy!

dogspacking Moving: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Image via Allie Brosh

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Car trip across Canada with a canine? Go Zolo!

This Summer, an adventurous couple from Seattle is setting out in a diesel conversion van to journey across Canada with Zolo, their slightly neurotic dog. Along the way, their trip will be documented at ZoloNeurotico.com using words, videos, pictures, and an original webcomic. And upon returning from their epic adventure, their collection of multimedia awesomeness will be turned into an ebook that’s part travelogue, part guidebook.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Look at Zolo below, he thinks it’s going to be fun.

Zolo Car trip across Canada with a canine? Go Zolo!

Zolo – hero to neurotic dogs everywhere! (picture via the Redell family)

These world travelers (Charlie and Alexis have traveled the world, and Zolo, himself, comes from Taiwan) certainly know what they are doing, but here’s where you get to be part of the fun.

A Kickstarter has been started for the Zolo Neurotico project, and YOU can help push them across the finish line of their monetary goal for this trip. As of today, they only need about $2,000 more before June 8th. That means if only 80 of you awesome readers chipped in $25 each, Zolo hits the road for awesome adventures in Canada! Visit the Kickstarter page to see where the money is going, and the thanks you will get for your pledge. The Redells are both freelancers and will be working during their trip, but the costs of this project can be defrayed by the Kickstarter donations.

Spread the word about this fun project, won’t you? Click the awesome cartoon Zolo below to go directly to the Kickstarter page!

Zolo Neurotico Car trip across Canada with a canine? Go Zolo!

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Pug Valentines Day party

If you remember, back in October I attended a Pug Halloween party. OMG what fun! Pugs are the most vivacious little dogs. And in costume? Over the top cuteness! So, I was definitely game for another party with Seattle Pug Rescue, this time with a Pug Valentines theme. Can’t go wrong there.

I only managed to take a handful of pictures of the little pugs as they raced around in a flurry of frivolity, but I hope you enjoy!

If you’ve been looking to add a dog to your family, consider looking at the cute pugs available for adoption on the Seattle Pug Rescue website.

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Pug-o-Ween – A plethora of pugs in costumes!

This past Saturday, Seattle Pug Rescue held their annual Pug-o-Ween fundraising event in Seattle.

What do you get when you mix a large community center gym, pug-loving owners, and approximately 100 pugs in costumes? You get an unimaginable amount of over-the-top cuteness! And just so you don’t have to actually imagine the cuteness on your own, I snapped a few pics. Enjoy!

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