Don’t bake your dog in a hot car

We all know most dogs love to go for rides in the car. But as temperatures rise, if you take a dog with you, you have to plan your trip so that your dog will not be left in the car by itself. Temperatures inside a parked car can rise so quickly, and often a window “cracked open a bit” does little to offset the rise in temperature. Even on a day in the 70s, the inside temperature of a car can rise to over 100.

Don’t bake your dog in a hot car. And inform those who may not know.

HotDogPoster Dont bake your dog in a hot car

Image via Regional Animal Services of King County (Washington state)

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January 1st doggie diet? Try PetMobi

dog diet turkey January 1st doggie diet? Try PetMobi

photo credit: redwood 1 via photopin cc

As a nation, for some reason we gravitate towards starting a new diet on January 1st. It may have something to do with the roughly 6 weeks of the prior year being spent cramming every goodie we could lay our hands on into our mouths, but that is just a guess.

But what about your dog?

Does your dog have a one-track mind, with that track being food? Perhaps they need to lose a few pounds? Get a bit more exercise? Now there’s a fun and social iPhone app, PetMobi, that lets you track health and fitness stats for your dog. Sort of like a Weight Watchers tracker for dogs, minus the meetings and public weigh-ins.

The PetMobi application for iPhone lets you track your dog’s food intake (from a database of thousands of pet foods), exercise, weight and establish goals. It also lets you connect with friends to make it a little bit competitive, if you like that sort of thing or it helps motivate you. And I say “you” because let’s face it, the well-being of your dog pretty much relies on you. Dogs don’t pick out their own food (usually), and dogs don’t decide when they go for walks (usually). Your dog getting healthier depends on you making the right choices for him or her on a consistent basis.

Here are a few screen shots of the PetMobi app for iPhone in action. Go check out the PetMobi app in the Apple App store for more info. Did I mention the app is free?

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2013 for you and your pup!

PetMobi Screenshots January 1st doggie diet? Try PetMobi


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Travel with Fido? Around the US? Do it!

Ever wish you could take off and see hundreds of places around the United States? Ever wish you could bring Fido? You may say “yes” to both questions, but where to start? Now with The Ruff Guide to the Unites States, you can get the inside scoop from someone who has done just that – traveled the US – and with her pooch!

Melissa Halliburton, the founder of the popular pet-friendly travel website, has put together info on her travel with Ace, and has an awesome book raring to go, but…

Printing is expensive, and here’s where she needs a little “kickstart.

Melissa’s book is now a project that you can financially back on the social funding site, KickStarter. Visit the KickStarter page for this book and learn of the varying ways you can support this project – getting it out there for people to see!

An awesome video of some of Melissa & Ace’s travels has been put together that had me raring to donate to support this project. I hope after watching the video you feel the same!

Keep in mind that the deadline to fund this KickStarter project is December 25th.

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Rock the Vote!

1duxRw.St .4 Rock the Vote!

Photo courtesy of the Sacramento Bee.

Dear DogSplendor friends in the United States,

At DogSplendor we won’t tell you who we think you should vote for, but please for the love of all that is furry and good…make a point to vote!

In this country we are so lucky to have the freedom to enter a polling place on a November Tuesday and voice our support, or lack thereof, of what is going in OUR country.

And while most of know who we want for a national candidate, I urge you to take just a smidge of time to familiarize yourself with the local candidates and what they truly stand for. Your state or county government can affect your day to day life as much as a presidential candidate, so you really owe it to yourself to be an informed voter.

Your vote is your voice. Your vote is as important as anyone else’s.

Together we can do our pups proud and rock the vote today!



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Halloween Pet Safety

With Halloween less than a week away, it’s always a good practice to review some Halloween pet safety tips. Here are a few simple reminders from Vet Depot.

Halloween Pets Infographic Halloween Pet Safety

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