Are you canine whipped?

Lo and behold, Urban Dictionary has a term it’s dubbed “canine whipped.” And no, it’s not some 50 Shades of Grey sorta dealie. I think we’ve all heard of another “whipped” term used to describe a man that sounds like it would have to do with a feline (but doesn’t) and this is much the same – except the entity doing the “whipping” is a dog.

 Are you canine whipped?

When I think about my household in particular, I have to admit that my dogs pretty much have us wrapped around their little paws. Sure, they have a bit of discipline, but a cute little swish of their nugget tail or a lick on our hand and they practically get away with murder. But unlike the definition above, I think at some point we became aware of our being canine whipped, and either no longer care, or are so accustomed to the little insubordinate beasties that we forget.

Sometimes it’s amazing to me, especially with small dogs, that the dog can have the audacity to try and be the boss of an adult human. I mean, if there was something that was 10 times bigger than me, I sure as hell would do what I was told and know my place. Right? But not dogs. A fifteen pound dog can freely and expertly try to herd you through the house, “tell” you in no uncertain terms when it wants something, and have the nerve to ignore you when you tell it to do something. So cheeky!

But I guess we bring being “canine whipped” upon ourselves every time we willingly give over even a bit of our power to a little brazenly crafty fluffy face.

How about you? Do you ever feel canine whipped?

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If dogs wrote personal ads…

With Valentines Day just around the corner, we’re feeling a little romantic over here at DogSplendor. And when it comes to love, more and more you’re hearing of people finding their soul mates online. So, because I have a twisted curious mind for all things canine,  I wondered what it would look like if dogs wrote personal ads? According to my dog Izzie, success lies in being cute and sweet!

Dog Personal Ads 640x1024 If dogs wrote personal ads...

And hopefully my husband doesn’t look at my browser history to see phrases like “what is in a personal ad” and “how to write a great personal ad.”

Here’s to hoping you find love in all the right places this Valentines Day!

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Why do girl dogs hump?

girl dog humping Why do girl dogs hump?

photo credit: TimmyGUNZ via photopin cc

There is no demure way to put this. My petite flower Izzie is a dog that likes to hump other dogs. She has been doing this for years, and no amount of correction seems to deter her from this apparently fun activity. Thank goodness her enjoyment of mounting other dogs has not extended to humping human legs, but it’s embarrassing enough when it’s done to another dog, especially in public.

So, why does a girl dog hump other dogs and/or animate or inanimate objects? Here’s what I found out.

Expression of Sexuality. An unaltered (not spayed) dog may hump on things as an expression of her sexuality. I’ve seen chicks in a bar act like this, but didn’t really know dogs expressed their sexuality so blatantly. At any rate, Izzie has been spayed, so this is not the cause.

Dominance. Humping another dog may equate to “I’m the boss of you.” Hmm…this is right in her wheelhouse.

Playing. Sometimes when playing, humping can be an attention-getter (I’ll say!) – especially when a dog has less than wonderful social manners (oh, you noticed?). This can extend to humping toys, furniture and the like. To be honest, I’d almost rather Izzie humped a toy than her sister Maddie.

Sensory overload. If a dog is feeling overwhelmed, with, you know, all the feelings, it may hump. These feelings can include feeling confused, frustrated, anxious, etc. Glad people don’t do this, it would make for awkward lines at the DMV. Or would it?

dog hump doll 150x150 Why do girl dogs hump?And in my research on this topic, I discovered that people in the deep recesses of the internet have a soft spot for Spot trying to mount things. So much so, that there was apparently a dog sex doll on the market at one point (pictured). None of the links to the site work, so I’m assuming it wasn’t a big seller.

So, truth time, does your dog like to mount things? Sound off with your most embarrassing stories in the comments!

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Thanksgiving tips from a food obsessed dog

With Thanksgiving coming up next week in the U.S., Izzie put together these five handy dandy Thanksgiving tips to make food go from the table to a dog’s mouth.


DogSplendor Thanksgiving 640x1024 Thanksgiving tips from a food obsessed dog

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Crazy dog mom preps for Halloween

When you’re a crazy dog mom (moi, of course), interactions with normal people sometimes go a little like this:

Lady at fabric store cutting counter: Oh, what are you making?

Me (holding back a squee of joy): a really cool Halloween costume for my dog!

Lady at fabric store: Oh, really? Why do people want to dress up their dogs?

Me: It’s fun! She doesn’t mind. We’re going to a Halloween party especially for dogs.

Lady (and I use this term loosely): Oh wow, I can’t even believe they would have such a thing!

Me: Face palm.

Clearly, I am in the right and this “lady” was an old stick-up…errr…nevermind.

So, obviously since I just bought the materials today, the costume is not ready, but I am SO excited. I’ve never seen this costume anywhere, I even looked online when I got home!

Make sure you check back next week for the finished product!

In the mean time, here is a fun Halloween infographic from Enjoy!

halloween safety tips Crazy dog mom preps for Halloween

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