Compensation Disclosures

Disclosure for uncompensated or compensated work that appears on this site, will be noted at the top or bottom of any post that mentions a product, service, company or location. The notation will appear as “This post has a Disclosure Level of ____”

If no disclosure level is listed, it is to be assumed that there was no compensation involved with the post or any products, services or locations mentioned in the post.  For the purposes of these level, compensation refers to cash, gift certificates, products, or services.

Uncompensated Disclosure Levels:

  • Level 0: has no significant relationship with any product, service or brand mentioned in this post.
  • Level 1: has an ongoing relationship with a company or person connected with a product, service or location mentioned in this post that may have influenced his/her decision to post about it.

Compensated Disclosure Levels:

  • Level 2: The product or service mentioned was provided to free of charge (or at a considerable discount not available to the public).
  • Level 3: Products or services were provided to to give away in a contest.
  • Level 4: Products or services were provided to to give away in a contest and to keep for their own use or for review.
  • Level 5: The product or service mentioned was provided free of charge and was compensated to post about the product or service.
  • Level 6: was compensated for inserting links from a specific website into this post.
  • Level 7: was compensated for including a product in pictures or videos in this post.
  • Level 8: was compensated for attending and/or posting about the event mentioned in this post.
  • Level 9: was compensated for writing this post in conjunction with a specific campaign.
  • Level 10: was compensated for administering this contest.
  • Level 11: The product or service mentioned advertises directly with the website.
  • Level 12: This is a sponsored post. was compensated to write this post.  While the blogger’s opinions in the post are authentic, talking points may have been suggested and/or reviewed by the sponsor.


If any blogger on behalf of is given free products of minimal value at a conference, event or meeting that are being given to all attendees, such as bags, books, small product samples, coupons, etc., those items are not considered compensation and will not necessarily be disclosed when talking about a product.


These compensation levels are based on work by Amy at They are being used with permission, and can be found in their original glory here.  Thanks, Amy!