The DoggyDoc is in – 24/7!

DoggyDoc 168x300 The DoggyDoc is in   24/7!I think it’s safe to say many of us have taken to the internet to enter in our variety of aches and pains on a site like WebMD, right? We read what it has to say (hopefully it didn’t scare the bajeezus out of us) and then proceed from there, armed with knowledge when we contact the appropriate professional. But have you ever tried something like that for your pup?

Now with the DoggyDoc app, the doctor is IN. 24/7. On your iOS or Android device.

With DoggyDoc, you can enter in your pet’s specific information, choose from a list of possible issues, and make an informed decision from there.

I tried out the DoggyDoc iOS app for a paw issue Maddie is having and it went a little bit like this…

Using DoggyDoc

To start using DoggyDoc, you enter your dog’s breed. There were many to choose from! Next, you enter other details about your dog like its gender, age, whether it has been altered, and whether it’s current on its recommended vaccinations. DoggyDoc will remember these details for the next time you open the app, so if you’re looking up information for another dog, make sure you change the data.

 The DoggyDoc is in   24/7!

Next, you indicate the area of your dog’s body where it’s experiencing a possible issue. You can choose either inner or outer symptoms. For Maddie, I clicked to find out about her right forepaw.

The next step gives you possible symptoms for the area of the dog’s body you clicked in the prior step. For Maddie I clicked on the symptoms of reddening of skin between paws, and paw swelling. If you have a question on what any of the symptoms might mean, a click on the “i” button next to the symptom brings up a more complete description of the symptom. Additionally, the bar on the bottom of the app makes it extremely easy to navigate back to prior information entered, or to proceed forward. [Read more…]

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Is your dog smarter than a 5th grader?

dog glasses smarty Is your dog smarter than a 5th grader?

photo credit: alicejamieson via photopin cc

Is your dog smarter than a 5th grader? MENSA ready? Or perhaps, your dog is more aligned with the “short bus” crowd? Well now there is a way to be a bit more certain. Dognition, a web app, allows you to figure out how your dog learns through a series of science-based games.

The How

Through these “science-based” tests, and its extensive research on canine cognitive learning, Dognition claims it can give you a “Profile” for your dog from among nine distinct cognitive styles (shown in the grid below). This learning profile is based both on the dogs social and independent problem solving skills.

Dognition profiles Is your dog smarter than a 5th grader?


The thought here is that once you know where your dog falls on this grid, you have a better understanding of what motivates and/or influences your dog, and that you can then use this information for better interactions and training sessions with your buddy.

Then what?

But learning your dog’s personality is just the first step. Dognition calls this the assessment. The assessment will set you back $60.

If, after the assessment, you’re left scratching your head thinking “ok, now what?” that will be an additional $70 a year (current promo – normally $10/month) for a Dognition membership. The Dognition membership includes things like training tips and activities personalized to your dog’s profile, data visualization tools to compare your dog with other dogs, and a 50% discount if you want an assessment done on an additional dog. Oh yeah, you also get an “enhanced portal” with additional monthly games to torment test your dog.

My findings

While I think there could be overall merit in learning what motivates your dog (if you don’t already know) and figuring out their learning style, do I think it’s worth $60? Probably not. Do I think a good trainer could give you this overall information and help you implement corrections/training in a more personalized and effective way? Absolutely.

Also, do yourself a favor and read THIS about what happened when Allie Brosch of the awesome blog Hyperbole and a Half tried to test her dog’s intelligence.

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Monday morning procrastination…

I need no help whatsoever when it comes to procrastinating and finding online sites to while away my time. So, I thought I’d share a funny little app I came across called MuttMaker by the good folks over at Animal Planet.

Ever wonder what a Basset Hound head would look like on a Pug body, with a Dalmation tail, and Weimaraner legs? Oh, and what if it had a red cape, matching red cool shoes, and some hipster green glasses? Apparently it would look like the dog below. And I kinda think this should be a breed now, don’t you?


muttmaker1 Monday morning procrastination...

Go play around on the site — it’s sort of like playing God — and let me know if you can come up with a Mutt cooler than my Basspumatianraner.

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Your dog needs a diary? There’s an app for that!

From the look of things, lil crazydog might have a food allergy. So we’re switching up her diet and need to take detailed notes about what she IS and IS NOT eating. And because I can be crazy anal retentive brilliantly organized about these sorts of things, I went to the App Store on my iPhone looking for an app to track dog nutrition. While I didn’t find an app that does ONLY nutrition logging, I found a great little app called Caniner Doggie Diary. And did I mention the app is free (at the moment)?

In a matter of minutes, I had both my girls set up on the app, and could start making journal type entries about their food intake. In addition, I can go in and enter anything else I want retroactively – something not offered on several other apps I reviewed.

maddie Your dog needs a diary? Theres an app for that!

As you can see from the above screen grab, there are entry category buttons along the bottom from left to right for: Play, Eat, Walk, Health, Favs and All; so it is easy to categorize your notes. You can choose to see data for one dog at a time or for both. And the envelope icon lets you email yourself (or your care provider) a list of your notes for whatever time period you indicate.

The app is from Shnap, a small start up in San Francisco founded by an ex Google/YouTube project manager. And you know what else is pretty awesome? The Doggie Diary app has a companion app called Caniner Network, designed specifically for dog walkers, dog sitters, doggie daycares, etc. Which means if your dog care professional were to download and use Caniner Network, which is also a free app (at the moment), they could enter data about your dog that, after set up, would automatically appear in your Caniner Doggie Diary app. How awesome is that?

Screen Shot 2012 07 18 at 5.57.08 PM Your dog needs a diary? Theres an app for that!

This company has really thought out the fact that multiple people can be involved in your pet’s care. Their apps allow you to share information within your household by establishing one account to be loaded on multiple devices. For example, my husband and I have already loaded the app on two iPhones and two iPads, and the same information is synched across all of the devices.

I wish great success for Shnap. When you find something that works, you can’t help but spread the word!

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