Holiday stress? Yep, dogs get it, too

 Holiday stress? Yep, dogs get it, tooAs much as you might love the holiday season, it can be stressful. So much to fit in to your schedule, so much you feel like you  “have” to do. And while dogs don’t have those same types of stressors, you being stressed, plus the changes in the house and additional visitors can lead to holiday stress for your dog!

For my dogs, the addition of holiday decor that they aren’t supposed to touch, chew, fondle, or otherwise maim, can be a stress. And added visitors are always stressful, as my dog Izzie (pictured) can be a bit territorial.

This year, because we are moving to a new house, none of the Christmas decorations are being unboxed, but in the place of that stress is the stress of a move and the house being overrun by boxes.

Izzie in particular hate hate HATES the sound of the packing tape dispenser gun – which legitimately has to be used repeatedly to put together and seal every moving box.

So when I received an inquiry from the good folks at Pet Naturals of Vermont to try their line of Calming chews for dogs, it couldn’t have come at a better time!

I received some samples of the calming chews in the mail a few weeks ago and decided Izzie would be my test subject.

So, first of all, what’s in Calming chews? [Read more…]

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