A pet’s eye view of the world?

pets view4 183x300 A pets eye view of the world?

If you’ve been dying to know what your pet is up to all day, and even moreso, want photographic evidence, then the Pet’s View camera might just be for you!

Though certainly not a new concept, the idea behind the Pet’s View by Yanko Design pet camera, allows for much greater ease of use.  The camera on the collar is part of a USB stick that can quickly be inserted into your computer to upload all the frivolity, or lack thereof, of your pet’s activities.

The website for this product bills it as something that will ease your loneliness and despair if your pet passes. It goes on to say that you could suffer extreme mental anguish when your pet dies without this product and that suicide might be an option. Whoa, copywriters, ease up there!

In terms of the technical aspects of the product:

  • The pet name and owner’s phone number can be entered into the front view by hooking it up to the computer.
  • The band can be recharged by solar heat energy.
  • A sensor perceives the heartbeat and the body temperature of the pet, which leads to “photographs are taken by the heartbeat of a pet, which changes by the feeling of the pet-master.” Err…say what, now?

This product to get photos of your pet’s eye view of the world doesn’t appear to be for sale yet, so sorry to get your hopes up. But if you just can’t stand the anticipation and need to know what can be seen from your dog’s perspective at it’s next dog park outing, Google “other dogs’ butts.” Because that is what they mostly see. Other dogs’ butts. Am I right?

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