Off The Leash and undeniably dog

If you’re fond of cartoons that show accurate portrayals of dogs (love you Snoopy, but I’m not talking about you), then you need to take a gander at Rupert Fawcett’s Off the Leash comics. Mr. Fawcett clearly knows how dogs think, and each cartoon is 100% undeniably dog.

off the leash fawcett Off The Leash and undeniably dogAs of last week, in addition to his wildly viral Facebook page and blog, there is a new Off the Leash book chock full of all the best work. What an awesome holiday gift for your favorite dog aficionado – or really, anyone that needs a good laugh! Also make sure you check out the Off The Leash shop, loaded with one fantastic comic after the other!

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Cartoon dog quiz

In another installment of “dog-related things to do when you’re procrastinating from doing the things you’re supposed to be doing”….

Cartoon dogs!

Cartoon Dogs Cartoon dog quiz

How many of these 25 famous dogs from cartoon strips can you name? And you have to know the dog name, not just the cartoon strip name (unless they’re the same).

Try the quiz here and let me know in the comments how you did!

(I think I got 7 out of 25 right. Numbers 22-25 I’d never even seen before!)

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