Guest Post: How to find the right dog bed

dog bed orange stripe Guest Post: How to find the right dog bed

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There are a plethora of options out there but finding the right bed for your canine is an enormous step that you shouldn’t take lightly. Every dog needs his own space and with the amount of options available these days it can be hard to choose. Your choices are so varied that theirs can become less important in making your bed fit with the décor of your home. Dog beds can last to accommodate your canine for the rest of their life if maintained correctly and kept clean.

Remember, some dogs sleep up to 16 hours a day so their bed can be a massive part of their life.

First of all, evaluate your pooch, his/her size, age, health and needs. Understanding your dog is the fundamental goal in getting the bed correct; smaller dogs and toy breeds prefer beds that they can snuggle into and keep warm such as wool and faux suede fabrics.  Fabrics are much more basic in cheaper beds but are much more suited if your dog malts/sheds an awful lot or gets wet or has a tendency to chew and rip.

Getting a bed with a good pillow and cushioning is another superb addition especially for smaller and older breeds that will enjoy the comfort. Check to see if the coverings are removable and you can wash them; some cheaper beds may be made of poor material that cannot be washed or risks damage from regular washing. Note that these cushioned beds can be a little warm in the summer and your dog may opt for another place to sleep, even on the cold floor.

Waterproof bedding is a great idea if your older dog is suffering from incontinence or they spend a lot of time outside, or if you want an outdoor bed for the summer. Usually waterproof beds are easier to clean and maintain.

Consider your budget, bedding prices can range from £20 – £200+ ($25-$250). There are many points for pricing including quality of the material, size and requirements for your canine. Wool and faux suede and sherpa fleece are always much more expensive, but are not suitable for chewers or for some younger and older breeds. Nothing grows faster than a puppy, so remember buy a bed to accommodate your dog in the long run. Something we have done is buy a smaller bed for a puppy and then buy a more expensive luxury bed when our puppy is getting towards full size.

Chewers and very active dog owners may prefer beds without sides, so a large cushion or memory foam, and flat beds, are a better choice. Is your bed going in a dog crate? If so, look for rectangular dog beds that fit the shape of your crate, maximizing the space for your dog.

Using your dog bed for training, or using it as a reference for bedtime is a great tip. Allowing your dog to sleep in your bed can get them into bad habits and output bad, sometimes dominating behaviour, and often give you a bad nights sleep. Finding a good quality dog bed is easy with Kennelstore.

Chris Turton woks for Kennelstore, the UK’s biggest provider of dog kennels, housing and runs.

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Dog beds – the circle of life

I was very excited the other week to find a great deal at Home Depot for a large festive looking red plaid dog bed for under $18. So excited that I went back the next week and bought another one for a different room of the house in a cream colored plaid. I temporarily laid the new bed on top of the old bed, which inaccurately gave the dogs the impression that it was going to be one super-mega-bed-o-comfort.

 Dog beds   the circle of life

Ooooo comfy!

I guess my dogs must pay attention to me, because as a semi-neat-freak, I always say “one thing comes into the house, one has to go out.” It is my secret for keeping the house uncluttered, and seems to work (most of the time).

Not a day later, I left the house for a few hours and left the dogs in the laundry room together, as we usually do when we’re not home. Imagine my surprise when I came home to their older dog bed scattered about as if it exploded all on its own! Of course there were two little guilty faces right next to it. While I know it was Maddie who did the shredding, I think Izzie was looking guilty in a show of sisterly solidarity.

Either way, two new dog beds came in to the house, one made an explosive exit to its final resting place in the garage. I guess it’s the circle of life.

 Dog beds   the circle of life

Dog bed annihilated. Check.


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Dog Bed “Slipcovers”

DSC 0065 300x245 Dog Bed Slipcovers

Look, mom, we're sharing!

Do you have a worn out, stained, or partially ripped dog bed in your home?

Do you know your dog loooves the bed, but it’s getting pretty embarrassing how ugly the damn thing is at this point?

They sell slipcovers for furniture, right? Why not for a pet bed?

At the NW Pet & Companion Fair in Portland earlier this month, while looking at a few other vendors that had snazzy new pet beds, I noticed Beth’s Waggletops booth. The booth was chock full of a fun assortment of soft, fleecy and fitted pet bed covers.  What a great idea! Since most of our dog beds are still structurally sound, i.e., nobody decided to eat the foam, covering them up seemed like such a simple fix. And definitely more cost effective than replacing the whole pet bed.

Now my dog’s bed (well, one of many) has a brand new look, but underneath is still the same comfy bed I already know they love (they can be picky!). They love the soft fleece and I can pull the cover off and wash it easily. Really it’s only the tops of the pet beds that get dirty, so a cover is much easier to wash. I was impressed with the craftsmanship of the product, the sizes that would fit almost any sized pet bed, and her assortment of colors to complement any decor.

So, check out Waggletops, and share the site with your friends with embarrassingly shabby pet beds that need covering – we don’t need to name names, they know who they are.

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