Nature’s Variety dog food – a review & giveaway!

We were recently given the opportunity to sample the brand new offerings from Nature’s Variety. I quickly consulted my two product research helpers below, and lo and behold, they were down for sampling some new food!

 Natures Variety dog food   a review & giveaway!

My eager taste testers: Maddie (L) & Izzie (R)

There seems to be a lot of controversy and split opinions lately on whether to feed a dog raw food or kibble. Now with the new Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost you have the first and only product line to offer both high protein grain-free kibble and freeze dried raw, conveniently together in the same bag. My dogs tried the chicken, but the product is available for dogs in chicken, duck, or venison.

My girls pretty much love chicken, but there have been other chicken dog food samples (that will remain nameless) I’ve given them that they have not cared for. So, it’s safe to say they won’t eat just anything and are somewhat discerning customers. They both really seemed to enjoy the Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost. In fact, I would have taken some pictures of them enjoying it, but I’ve learned to not get in a dog’s face when it’s gobbling its dinner.

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Some of the benefits of the Instinct Raw Boost formula include:

  • Grain-free, gluten-free kibble (no fillers) plus freeze dried raw
  • May provide relief for pets with weight issues, skin and coat conditions, grain allergies and intolerances
  • Freeze dried raw pieces provide natural enzymes for digestive health
  • Pure ingredients for optimal nutrient absorption
  • Essential fatty acids for healthy skin and coat
  • Complete and balanced for all life stages and all breeds
I do have to say that I’ve become somewhat of a nutrition label snob lately and read through labels on my pet products like a detective. While this product has many ingredients, it doesn’t have many of the cheap filler products that many kibble brands contain. Additionally, the crude protein in the product is 42%, which is higher than many other brands I’ve come across. Overall, the product is 72% pure animal ingredients and nutritious oils, and 28% veggies, fruits, vitamins and minerals.
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Also newly available from Nature’s Variety is a product called Raw Daily Boost. The product is a powdered supplement in a canister that contains minimally processed freeze dried raw ingredients like meat, fruits and vegetables. This product may be mixed in with kibble or canned food to give the benefits of raw, and comes in chicken, beef, lamb, or venison.

My girls tried the chicken Raw Daily Boost. This product had a heavy powdered consistency that I personally didn’t care for. It may have mixed nicely with canned food, but didn’t necessarily mix well with just kibble and a little water. While it may not have looked pretty, the dogs gobbled it up, and licked the bowls clean, which is probably a more accurate measure of the product than my aesthetic concerns.

And now the part you’ve been waiting for….

Would your dog also like to try a bag of Chicken Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost? All the cool dogs are doin’ it! And the nice folks at Nature’s Variety are giving away one (1) bag each to four (4) lucky DogSplendor friends. Isn’t that nice of them? Please note that the contest winners are limited to US residents only (sorry, doggies in other countries).

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How are your dog’s teeth?

DogWithToothBrush cartoon How are your dogs teeth?In my latest quest to collect and review all the information I can regarding switching my dog’s diet, I had sort of an “Aha!” moment this last weekend when talking to a representative from the Seattle area’s own All the Best Pet Care. You see, I’d been told dogs need crunchy kibble in their diet to keep their teeth clean. It made sense on the surface, right? But then I was thrown for a loop when I was told “that would be like your dentist telling you to go clean your teeth by eating pretzels.”  What?? Pretzels make your teeth feel fuzzy & sorta scuzzy! Hmmm….

Upon further research, I’ve found several veterinarians are saying the same thing — dry dog food can cause more dental problems than it solves!

Now I’m not saying dry dog kibble is bad. Not at all. It’s just that if you’re feeding it thinking it is helping your dog with his/her dental health…well, that’s just not true. Dry dog food  can contribute to increased amounts of plaque (the sticky film over any tooth surface) and tartar (the hardened plaque near the gum line).

So, what’s the solution to restore your dog’s pearly whites? Often you might need to start with professional teeth cleaning. This is the best option if your dog has advanced tartar. Teeth cleaning for a pet is fairly expensive, and unfortunately shelters see many dogs turned in because their owners can’t afford dental care. However, if you catch it early, as with most things, a dog’s dental care is less costly. There are a lot of anesthesia-free dental services being offered at reduced fees, but the verdict is still out on their effectiveness. Do your research first.

After your dog’s teeth have been professionally cleaned, you can do a lot at home to keep the plaque from re-forming into hard to remove tartar.

  • Brushing your dog’s teeth. This will become necessary to remove the daily plaque. Yes, plaque forms daily. Just as it does in your own mouth. Which is why your dentist recommends you brush your teeth a few times a day (which I hope you do!). Ask your favorite local pet store about buying a soft toothbrush that will fit in your dog’s mouth comfortably, i.e., a Great Dane and a Chihuahua should probably not have the same sized toothbrush. There are even flavored toothpastes that might improve the experience for your dog.
  • Water. Water is essential for all pets anyway, but it’s also a great way to keep food particles and newly formed plaque rinsed off the teeth. If your dog doesn’t have around the clock access to fresh water, like when you’re traveling, a drink after meals and treats is especially helpful for dental health.
  • Raw meaty bone chewing. Raw bones are more flexible and can wrap around teeth in a way that may also help remove plaque.

Unlike the picture above, your dog is most likely not going to brush his/her own teeth (like toddlers or teenagers), so you will need to help them with this process. As always, consult your veterinarian for your dog’s specific needs.


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