Every day is take your dog to work day…

Today is the official “take your dog to work day.” But, every day is take your dog to work day…when you work from home.

 Every day is take your dog to work day...

Maddie and Izzie – on “their” sofa in my home office.
They tell me possession is nine tenths of the law.

For good or bad, when you work from home, your dogs are right there, helping you through your work load each and every day.


  • Dogs aren’t alone all day.
  • No expensive doggy day care.
  • Cute fuzzy faces to look at while working.
  • Taking a mid-day play break with the dog is better than any coffee break I ever took in an office.


  • In their minds, ANY time is the right time for playing ball.
  • Why wouldn’t you give them snacks every time you walk past the kitchen?
  • If I’m working away from my desk they don’t understand why my laptop sometimes gets priority over them on my lap.
  • Dogs snoring in unison is conducive to really focusing on what you are doing.

All kidding aside, I’m glad I can be home and around my dogs more than if I worked in an office 40 hours per week. As I’ve said before, my two dogs can be bottomless pits of need, but I love ’em.

Do you work from home? Or if you work in an office, are you allowed to bring your dog in to work on occasion?

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Pug-o-Ween – A plethora of pugs in costumes!

This past Saturday, Seattle Pug Rescue held their annual Pug-o-Ween fundraising event in Seattle.

What do you get when you mix a large community center gym, pug-loving owners, and approximately 100 pugs in costumes? You get an unimaginable amount of over-the-top cuteness! And just so you don’t have to actually imagine the cuteness on your own, I snapped a few pics. Enjoy!

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Slobberfest – oh so slobbery and adorable

This Sunday, September 30th, the Bulldog Club of Greater Seattle and the Cascade Bulldog Rescue held their annual Slobberfest festivities at Marymoor Park to celebrate everything bulldog. There was tons of information available on how to be a good bulldog parent, including info on training and showing, for the specific needs of a bulldog.

IMG 0123 231x300 Slobberfest   oh so slobbery and adorable

And now for your enjoyment, pictures of the squishy, smiley, drooly, and adorable faces of some of the bulldog (and French bulldog) guests.

IMG 2259 Slobberfest   oh so slobbery and adorable

IMG 2260 Slobberfest   oh so slobbery and adorable

IMG 2289 Slobberfest   oh so slobbery and adorable

IMG 2288 Slobberfest   oh so slobbery and adorable

IMG 2287 Slobberfest   oh so slobbery and adorable

IMG 2294 Slobberfest   oh so slobbery and adorable

IMG 2269 Slobberfest   oh so slobbery and adorable

IMG 2265 Slobberfest   oh so slobbery and adorable

IMG 2262 Slobberfest   oh so slobbery and adorable

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Pups who brunch…

Read no further if you’re from a third world country and you’re starving, because I totally have no shame in the fact that I took my dog Izzie to a four-star hotel for a gourmet dog brunch.

This past Sunday, Seattle’s posh Sorrento Hotel was host to a Bow Wow Brunch in its outside piazza to benefit the Seattle Humane Society. Chef Dan Gilmore of the Sorrento’s Hunt Club Restaurant whipped up a pooches-only menu that was quite a hit with its 4-legged customers. Owners were able to order off a people menu, but the main attraction was certainly the pups.

From the Bow Wow Brunch Menu, each dog was able to order a meal consisting of: scrambled eggs with either kale or spinach (I couldn’t tell); a gourmet cupcake pastry from Three Dog Bakery; a choice of either wild salmon and sweet potato hash, or domestic lamb with quinoa; plus an icy glass of either chicken or beef Bowser Beer for dogs (which I previously reviewed with my girls).

The pup brunch was a lovely afternoon in the windy piazza, with good company, spoiled happy dogs, and live music. Enjoy a few pictures from our party of pups who brunch…

 Pups who brunch...

Izzie’s buddy Skeeter waited patiently for his brunch.

 Pups who brunch...

Also at our table was Tucker, Skeeter’s doggie nephew. Tucker is such a fun loving little guy.

 Pups who brunch...

Skeeter showed the other dogs how it was done. Delicious!

 Pups who brunch...

Izzie pretended to nibble like a petite flower – then tried to fit the entire cupcake in her mouth in one bite (I’d like to say she didn’t learn that from me…).

 Pups who brunch...

Clean plate club! Is there more? Maybe the lady at the next table might want to share her toast?

 Pups who brunch...

This tired pup at the next table had just finished up at agility and was sipping his doggie beer slowly.

 Pups who brunch...

Don’t be looking at my food – I’m not done yet!

 Pups who brunch...

I seem to recall that the ASPCA highly recommends Eggs Benedict for Weimaraners. Yep, that’s definitely a thing.

 Pups who brunch...

Izzie on the way home dreaming about how we’re going to do this EVERY weekend. Errr…I have some bad news for you, Izzie.

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Go Dog, Go! Recap

Go Dog Go Graphic 300x129 Go Dog, Go! Recap

Saturday, July 28th was the 4th Annual Go Dog, Go! Canine Festival and 2nd Annual Dog Walk sponsored by the City of Kirkland, Washington. Although I attend many dog festivals during the year, this one was special to me, as I volunteered with the City of Kirkland in the 2-3 months leading up to the festival. I volunteered because I have experience in event planning and love dogs…and this seemed like a perfect combination of the two! I had the chance to work with some really great sponsors, and learn more about working on an outdoor event (I’d always only planned indoor events).

On event day, I was busy, busy, busy from 6am loading in, until 7pm loading everything out, but I did manage to take a few pictures. Enjoy!

DSC 0062 300x179 Go Dog, Go! Recap

3 adorable AND adoptable Mini Aussie puppies from Motley Zoo Animal Rescue.

DSC 0009 300x180 Go Dog, Go! Recap

Friendly dog greetings.

DSC 0064 300x179 Go Dog, Go! Recap

Winers of the costume contest – featuring Bat Dog Roxy!

DSC 0028 300x179 Go Dog, Go! Recap

Of course *Boston* Terriers are Red Sox fans!

DSC 0026 300x179 Go Dog, Go! Recap

And look at the cutie faces on those two Boston Terriers.

DSC 0030 300x179 Go Dog, Go! Recap

Westie strolling around checking out the treat situation.

DSC 0020 300x179 Go Dog, Go! Recap

So many of the awesome event volunteers had so much fun they came back later in the day with their own pups to enjoy the festivities.

DSC 0034 300x179 Go Dog, Go! Recap

It seemed like a good idea when I jumped up here…

DSC 0040 300x179 Go Dog, Go! Recap

Skyhoundz Disc Dogathon had it’s WORLD Championships Qualifier competition at this year’s Go Dog, Go!

DSC 0038 300x179 Go Dog, Go! Recap

I’m a well groomed doodle, yes I am.

DSC 0044 300x179 Go Dog, Go! Recap

With all these Corgis, surely the Queen must be nearby.

DSC 0046 300x179 Go Dog, Go! Recap

We’re fluffy and we know it…

DSC 0050 300x179 Go Dog, Go! Recap

Dog training demo from Got Sit.

DSC 0057 300x179 Go Dog, Go! Recap

Mostly hairless with a poof on top. Kind of like a comb-over?

DSC 0070 300x222 Go Dog, Go! Recap

So cute I had to show it twice…nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah Bat Dog!

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