John Paul Pet spa day and giveaway!

Living in the rainy Pacific Northwest, keeping white dogs clean is an uphill battle. Especially since we’ve moved to the country and they have more places to get dirty. That is why I was excited when John Paul Pet contacted me regarding their Grooming Pet Care 3-Pack. Surely my girls could do with a spa day!

 John Paul Pet spa day and giveaway!

Wait, isn’t John Paul a human product line?

You wondered why it sounded familiar, right? Yes, John Paul DeJoria, is a co-founder of the well known John Paul Mitchell Systems hair care line. And over 30 years ago, DeJoria led the pack, so to speak, by being the first hair care brand to publicly oppose animal testing of their products. Flash forward to 2005, and those same humane principles led to the creation of John Paul Pet, a line of ethical grooming and hygiene products for dogs, cats, and even horses!

“With more than 30 years in the professional salon business, we know what it takes to keep hair and skin healthy. And, the same experience applies to our animal companions. Just as you care what goes into your pet’s food; it’s equally important to care about what goes on their coat and skin.”  John Paul Pet

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Let’s talk about dog poop! No, seriously.

Happy Monday! Let’s talk about dog poop! Totally serious. Being a responsible dog parent means cleaning up poop, right?

How often do you scoop? Do you know what happens when you let it lay around in the yard? I have to admit to being one of those people who thought that dog poop was good for your lawn. Fertilizer, right? Yep, not so much. Seeing the effects on groundwater will definitely have me picking up that poop immediately and not letting it collect in the yard. Check out this awesome infographic from the cool folks at PoopBuddy to get some more knowledge on the subject.

And speaking of PoopBuddy, DogSplendor is a new affiliate for this innovative service that mails you fashionable and eco-friendly dog poop bags monthly, so you’re always prepared to clean up after your dog. And because PoopBuddy is an awesome company, they donate 10% back to WWF and dog rescue organizations. Click the PoopBuddy logo at the bottom of this post, or in the right hand sidebar of this site to get your subscription going today!

LeavingPoopBehind PoopBuddy Lets talk about dog poop! No, seriously.

PoopBuddyLogo Lets talk about dog poop! No, seriously.

Get your subscription today!

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Dogs, we need to talk about your dog breath… was given a sample of Minties Bones treats for dogs from VetIQ to try with our girls, in exchange for our honest review.

Minties Dogs, we need to talk about your dog breath...As a discerning dog parent, my dogs have had professional vet-performed teeth cleanings, and I even brush their teeth. But you know what? They still have stink dog breath. While not amazingly bad, when they sit on your lap and pant in your face, their dog breath often makes you turn the other way. I’m pretty sure my husband (or any human, for that matter) would have similar breath if he only relied on professional cleanings, occasional brushing, and licked places on his body like our dogs do. Just guessing.

At any rate, I think we’ve all seen treats that claim to help our dog’s teeth and breath. But have you seen what’s in those? Your dog might be better off just chewing its toothbrush.

That is why I was excited to learn about Minties treats for dogs. Minties have a great texture, a pleasant natural peppermint smell, and don’t contain the “icky” ingredients (wheat, corn, soy, artificial flavors, sugar, salt, gluten, etc.) I avoid giving my dogs. What IS in them? Five natural breath fresheners: peppermint, parsley, fennel, dill, and chlorophyll. Plus, everything is sourced and made in the U.S., and the bones are offered in four sizes (from Tiny to Large) to be best suited to your dog.

But the best part of Minties? My dogs loved them. Not just the “oh, ok, we’ll eat this treat you’re giving us” response I sometimes get, but my dogs stood on their hind legs by the counter where I had the package after our first taste test. Minties will definitely be going into our rotation of specialty treats we buy for our pups.

 Dogs, we need to talk about your dog breath...

Bam, science

I’m not a scientist, but because I had a natural curiosity, I conducted a sniff test study on how long the Minties would freshen both my dogs’ breath. A sniff test you say? Yep, I got all up in the faces of my dogs and smelled their dog breath. Before the Minties treats, not so good, folks, not so good. Directly after the treat? Their breath had a mild peppermint smell. Lovely! Thirty minutes later? Still a mild peppermint smell. Two whole hours later? Still a pleasant mild mint smell! Even later in the day? Well, I started to feel self-conscious about being a person who smells their dogs’ breath and stopped. But I’m telling you, the pepperminty pleasantness in their breath lasted a good long while!

I do want to note that while veterinarian recommended Minties will help clean your pup’s teeth, plus remove plaque and tartar, please consult your veterinarian about care of your specific dog’s teeth, including cleanings and regular maintenance.

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