Moving: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Because December isn’t busy enough, my husband and I decided to buy a lovely new house this month, all while trying to fix up our old house to sell. Seemed completely logical. I, who hadn’t moved in over 8 years, forgot all the joys involved with moving. And I can’t say I’ve ever moved with dogs.

The good?

The new house is beeee-yoooo-teee-ful! I love it so hard, I still can’t believe it’s mine. And my dogs have gone from an approximately 3 foot by 7 foot unfenced yard on a busy suburban street, to 1.3 acres to roam in a rural area, with little or no traffic, and 8, yep 8, other small dogs for them to become BFFs with!

The bad?

Rural living (did I mention we now live on an island?) is a new experience for us and the dogs. Our house has no internet yet. For the love of jeebus, no internet! And with the Christmas holiday, no people that put in internets are working, or willing to sacrifice time with their families and stuff to put in my internet. So, that means, posting stuff to a blog has gone by the wayside with the exception of today when I made it to a coffee store with some sort of wi-fi, but extra slow country wi-fi.

The ugly?

Did I mention the no internet part? Also, no cable tv. In 2013, that’s not ok. In a way, the lack of both means I’m unpacking my house like an over-caffeinated ninja. It’s a good thing, technically, except I’m 43 and my back does not like when I do things like an over-caffeinated ninja. Go figure. To further the ugly, I have at least 10 more days of no internet/cable, so posting around here is going to be scarce again.

And a bonus “good” thing?

One day before I moved and blissfully had internet to browse at my leisure, I came across this diatribe on moving with dogs by Allie Brosh, who is one of the most funny illustrators/writers on the whole internet. This post – Dogs Don’t Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving – made me laugh so hard I just had to share. Enjoy!

dogspacking Moving: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Image via Allie Brosh

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