What’s in a Name?

 Whats in a Name?While I believe most pet owners give much thought into the process of naming a puppy, if you flash forward a few years, what we end up calling our pets is not always their given name.

This name confusion can be especially true in cases of rescue dogs, where you didn’t really have a say in their given name. That being said, I helped name both of my dogs, but am completely guilty of calling them by multiple names. Except in public. And it’s not that they always listen in public. Hmm…coincidence?

Just to share, or overshare, as the case may be, here are some common nicknames for our dogs: Izzie, the six-year-old, is lazydog, lazytown, girl baby, lumpy, plumpy, Isabella, punky or nugget. For Maddie, the three-year-old, it’s crazydog, crazytown, mad dog, nutso, pinky, or punkin. This doesn’t even take in to consideration the few instances my husband has referred to them as f*cktards…a term of endearment, obviously.

The dogs also know that when talking to one, we refer to the other one as sister. As in “where’s sister?” or “don’t take sister’s bone,” or “stop smelling sister’s hoo-ha!”

When referring to both of them at once, we can call them puppies. As in “are you my puppies?” or “awww puppies.” Or we can call them girls or ladies. As in “girls, here!” or “ladies, behave!”

So it becomes increasingly clear why the dogs might be having an identity crisis when we call them by their given names.

Truth time, what are the nuttiest nicknames you’ve given your dog?

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