Whole Lotta Pugs


This past weekend the city of Portland, Oregon held its 12th Annual Pug Crawl, bringing more than 500 pugs and their owners to the streets. Through voluntary donations, over $7,500 was raised to benefit the Oregon Humane Society!


The theme of the pug parade for this year was “Pug Nation – A Better Pug for a Better America.” And of the two winners? Eagle Pug! If Stephen Colbert had a pug, I’m thinking this would be his.

eaglepug 300x300 Whole Lotta Pugs

Eagle Pug! (photo by Shannon Cheeseman, KATU.com)


If you’re thinking to yourself I need to see more pugs ASAP, check out this YouTube montage of the festivities. I think it’s quite possibly the most pugs I’ve seen at one time. You know the rumble of pug snorting had to be quite loud!


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NW Pet & Companion Fair

Yesterday I took a quick jaunt down to Portland to visit the NW Pet & Companion Fair in Portland, Oregon. The fair was a 2-day event featuring pet products and services plus a plethora of adoptable pets. As is usually the case, dogs were well represented at the fair, as well as the most common pet to be brought along by attendees (although I did see a duck in a baby bjorn!).

Greeting me right at the main entrance were pens of adoptable puppies! Puppies!

DSC 0023 300x200 NW Pet & Companion Fair

You had me at "puppies!!!"

The puppy area was hosted by The Hannah Pet Society, which has an innovative business model for helping pet owners take care of all the expenses of a new pet. One of the employees said to me “you look like you’d like to hold a puppy.” Umm, yep. They had me pegged. And I proceeded to hold the cutest little dachshund mix girl for about 5 minutes, smelling the puppy scent and having a happy. Seriously, therapy via puppies should be a thing.

DSC 0013 300x199 NW Pet & Companion Fair

Sweet little doxie mix girl.

Walking around the rest of the Expo Center made for a fun afternoon. Below are a few choice images of herding dog demos, a dog grooming demo (that dog was so patient!), and a boxer who was infatuated with a prize wheel.

DSC 0006 300x200 NW Pet & Companion Fair

DSC 0011 300x200 NW Pet & Companion Fair

DSC 0030 300x200 NW Pet & Companion Fair


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