Seahawks and Weiners!

Living in the Seattle area, many locals have a love/hate relationship with the Seahawks football team. But when you combine Seahawks  AND Weiners? All LOVE, baby!

This is video of weinerdog races during halftime at a Seahawks game last fall. Love how in “heat 2” one of the dogs takes off…maybe to the concession stands?



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Go Dog, Go! Recap

Go Dog Go Graphic 300x129 Go Dog, Go! Recap

Saturday, July 28th was the 4th Annual Go Dog, Go! Canine Festival and 2nd Annual Dog Walk sponsored by the City of Kirkland, Washington. Although I attend many dog festivals during the year, this one was special to me, as I volunteered with the City of Kirkland in the 2-3 months leading up to the festival. I volunteered because I have experience in event planning and love dogs…and this seemed like a perfect combination of the two! I had the chance to work with some really great sponsors, and learn more about working on an outdoor event (I’d always only planned indoor events).

On event day, I was busy, busy, busy from 6am loading in, until 7pm loading everything out, but I did manage to take a few pictures. Enjoy!

DSC 0062 300x179 Go Dog, Go! Recap

3 adorable AND adoptable Mini Aussie puppies from Motley Zoo Animal Rescue.

DSC 0009 300x180 Go Dog, Go! Recap

Friendly dog greetings.

DSC 0064 300x179 Go Dog, Go! Recap

Winers of the costume contest – featuring Bat Dog Roxy!

DSC 0028 300x179 Go Dog, Go! Recap

Of course *Boston* Terriers are Red Sox fans!

DSC 0026 300x179 Go Dog, Go! Recap

And look at the cutie faces on those two Boston Terriers.

DSC 0030 300x179 Go Dog, Go! Recap

Westie strolling around checking out the treat situation.

DSC 0020 300x179 Go Dog, Go! Recap

So many of the awesome event volunteers had so much fun they came back later in the day with their own pups to enjoy the festivities.

DSC 0034 300x179 Go Dog, Go! Recap

It seemed like a good idea when I jumped up here…

DSC 0040 300x179 Go Dog, Go! Recap

Skyhoundz Disc Dogathon had it’s WORLD Championships Qualifier competition at this year’s Go Dog, Go!

DSC 0038 300x179 Go Dog, Go! Recap

I’m a well groomed doodle, yes I am.

DSC 0044 300x179 Go Dog, Go! Recap

With all these Corgis, surely the Queen must be nearby.

DSC 0046 300x179 Go Dog, Go! Recap

We’re fluffy and we know it…

DSC 0050 300x179 Go Dog, Go! Recap

Dog training demo from Got Sit.

DSC 0057 300x179 Go Dog, Go! Recap

Mostly hairless with a poof on top. Kind of like a comb-over?

DSC 0070 300x222 Go Dog, Go! Recap

So cute I had to show it twice…nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah Bat Dog!

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