Dogs can’t tell time

Last week I headed off to BlogPaws, a pet blogging/social media conference in the Washington D.C. area. I was gone from home for five days. On the long flight back to Seattle, what kept a smile on my face is knowing how glad my two dogs would be to see me upon my return.

Boy, was I right.

My dogs jumped up on me (they don’t usually jump up), greeted me with kisses, rubbed their face on me, and wagged their little nugget tails at  what appeared to be 100 miles per hour.


Flash forward to the next day when my husband and I left the house for two hours and returned to a greeting with nearly the same intensity as the day before.

Moral of the story? Dogs can’t tell time.

Text from dog Dogs cant tell time

image via: Texts from Dog

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Texts from Dog: now a book!

05440777411 Texts from Dog: now a book!

While I still haven’t been successful at teaching my dogs to text (thank goodness?), October Jones, that randy lass from England, has gone and published a book of all the hilarious texts he gets from his dog! Based on the popular Tumblr site previously discussed here, the book Texts from Dog is chock full of new anecdotes from his talented, and usually somewhat inappropriate, texting dog.

The book is full of texting screenshots similar to the ones below, plus a few cute illustrations of October’s dog, which I believe is never named (to protect the innocent?). This book would be a great gift for anyone on your list who loves dogs and has a healthy sense of humor (those two things really need to go together anyway). 

textfromdog1 Texts from Dog: now a book!

textfromdog21 Texts from Dog: now a book!

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If your dog could text…

This Tumbler website, Texts From Dog, is brilliant! They sure know how a dog thinks.

Go straight to their website, and follow them. Follow them now!


textsfromdogs If your dog could text...

Via Texts From Dogs

textsfromdogs2 If your dog could text...

Via Texts from Dogs

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